Some of us buy cars because they look good and suit our fashion styles. Others prefer to get vehicles because they meet a particular need, such as practicality.

If you buy cars because of the latter reason, have you ever thought of getting an estate? You might not think it, but they open up a whole new world of solutions to many everyday problems! You may not have thought that estate cars are “your thing” in the past.

Let me share with you ten good reasons why it makes sense to go and buy one for your next vehicle:


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  1. You can get more inside of an estate car

Perhaps the most obvious reason for buying an estate vehicle is because of the extra space. In particular, the boot offers more cargo space for your needs in an estate car.

  1. Easier to access the boot than a saloon

Do you carry large loads around often in your car? If so, it can be a real pain if you do this in a saloon. The beauty of estates is they offer hatchback-like practicality. That’s because the door makes it easier to load and unload items.

  1. You have a dog

The last thing you want is for your dog to destroy the interior of your car when you go out places together. You can easily fit a crate or cage in the boot of an estate car.

  1. You want a car that holds its value

When browsing sites like, one thing becomes apparent. Estate cars seem to have the highest resale values! If you want such a car, it makes sense to upgrade your vehicle to an estate.

  1. You want your passengers to feel more comfortable

One fact about estate cars is they offer passengers more legroom in the cabin. Why? Because they are longer than saloons and hatchbacks, of course!


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  1. You wish to become a taxi driver

Fancy earning a living as an Uber driver? If so, it makes sense to use an estate as your work vehicle. That’s because you can easily carry people’s suitcases, bags and pushchairs in the boot.

  1. Some of the world’s safest cars are estates

Take a look at You’ll soon discover that the safest cars on the road are estates, believe it or not! Brands such as Volvo are famous for their safe estate vehicles.

  1. You have a family

Do you have a partner and one or more children? If so, you need a vehicle that offers the right amount of space, both in the cabin and the boot. Estates are popular with those that have a growing family in tow.

  1. You don’t want a people carrier

Let’s face it: MPVs aren’t the prettiest of vehicles on the road! If you want to keep your street cred, get a sporty estate like the Volvo S60 Polestar or the Jaguar XF Sportbrake.

  1. You work as a self-employed courier

Let’s say that you work as a courier for companies like myHermes. You need a vehicle that offers plenty of cargo space for your deliveries. Estates offer such practicality and more!


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