There’s nothing better than getting outside and staying active! If you’re dying to get fit or just want something to do with your spare time then here are three different sports you need to try out today!

Water Skiing

If you’ve ever wanted to try out any form of water sports, then this is the one to kick off with! Water skiing involves you trying to balance on two skis while being pulled along by a speedboat on the water. It’s incredibly fun, although tough to get used to, and takes a long of muscle strength in your legs and upper body! You’re going to need to stay safe on the water – so check out jetpilot life jackets to make sure you don’t drown out there! If water skiing isn’t hardcore enough for you, though – then check out these adventure sports!


Soccer is a great sport and really easy to get into! Chances are, you’ve already heard of the game, and if you’re interested in it, then you’re probably a fan of the English Premier League. It’s arguably the world’s greatest domestic league. Playing soccer will enable you to feel like your EPL heroes Sergio Aguero, Wayne Rooney or John Terry! Many watch and bet on La Liga along with all of the other major football leagues, but why not become a pro yourself? Watch the pros to gather loads of inspiration. The basis of the game is that you try and kick or head the ball into the opposition’s net. Whoever nets the most goals after 90 minutes is the winner! There’s so much soccer kit out there that you can buy too, with each team having a different strip. Check out the choice here. Soccer is also a sport for all levels of ability. While water skiing is quite challenging. It’s almost impossible to novices, soccer is universally accepted as an easy game for beginners. Give it a go!


American Football

With the SuperBowl just next month, now is the time to get into American Football! America’s greatest game is bound to hit home with you. It shares similarities to both Rugby and Australian rules football. However, the game is completely different in some aspects too. Each team tries to kick and run their way to victory by scoring as many points and touchdowns as they can. The NFL is the pinnacle of American Football, and the highest standard to which the game is played in the world. If you’re a big athlete, then this could be the game for you! It’s great fun, and involves a lot of contact if that’s what you enjoy! American football matches last for sixty minutes. They’re also split into two halves of thirty minutes and four quarters of fifteen minutes. However, they are a lot of stoppages between each play, so the whole event takes much longer. This is good if your stamina isn’t all that just yet – but you still fancy playing a sport that is high intensity!

Ultimately, any of these three sports could revolutionize your life! They’re all incredibly fun and should all be given a good go. All three are quite varied too, so hopefully there is something here for everybody. Have fun, stay active and good luck!


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