Super foods. Everyone is talking about them. It seems that the phrase ‘super foods’ is something of a buzzword. But, in reality, this phrase is much more than a buzzword. Super foods can revolutionise your life. They can kick-start your health and ensure that your mind, body and soul is feeling fantastic. There is a lot to be said for a nutritious meal. You cannot underestimate the sheer importance of a well-balanced diet.

If you are keen to kick-start your health, now is the time to start incorporating these foods into your diet.

Here are four of the best super foods.

  1.    Blueberries

Blueberries are a delicious, simple food that must be consumed on a regular basis. A simple punnet of blueberries can really kick-start your metabolism. Most berries are considered to be super foods due to their high nutritional content. But, it’s the tiny blueberry that reigns supreme.

The blueberry is packed with vitamins that can help with weight loss. Blueberries can make your skin and hair look clearer and brighter. But, they can also assist with the ageing process. Yes, really. Blueberries, due to their antioxidants, can help with wrinkles. So, ditch the expensive creams and lotions and get munching these powerful, little berries.



  1.    Apples

Everyone seems to forget about the humble apple, but it’s an excellent fruit. It should never be ignored. The apple, whatever colour you prefer, is jam-packed with flavonoids, fibre and vitamin C.

The apple is continuously praised as the ultimate superfood. But, if you want to make sure that you are maximising the nutritional value of your apple, ditch the supermarket. Health boffins at stated that the best way to maximise flavour and nutrition from apples is to grow your own. So, get cultivating your own plants for a healthier way to eat. Apple trees are incredibly easy to grow too. That’s why they are the world’s number one most consumed fruit.

  1.    Almonds

Almonds are the healthiest of all tree nuts. What’s more, if you have something of a savoury craving, these can truly assist with this. The best thing about almonds is that due to their popularity, they are now cheaper than ever to source. If you want to make sure that you are fighting heart disease and combating fat stores in your arteries, it’s time to get snacking on almonds. They are scientifically proven to help with strong teeth and bones. The little nut is delicious too!


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  1.    Salmon

Let’s face it; there is not a person in the land who doesn’t love the delicious taste of salmon. But, this fatty fish is best consumed raw. Opt for smoked to maximise the nutritional benefits. The fats that are contained within a small slice of salmon are astounding. What’s more, this fat is one of the healthiest around. Have you heard of Omega 3? Well, salmon is oozing in this rich, protein packed oil. It’s delicious and nutritious. What’s not to love?

Your health matters. So, get munching on these super foods and feel the benefits of doing so.


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