Dogs like to eat a lot! Most pet owners are always tempted to spoil their dogs with delicious meals that are good for humans. But before you offer your pet that piece of the sweet meal, stop and read through this list to find out foods you shouldn’t be giving your dog,

Bacon and Fatty Meat

Your dog shouldn’t be eating bacon or other fatty foods like meat trimmings and ham. These foods have high salt content that can lead to pancreatitis.

They can also cause the stomach upset which leads to intake of too much water that causes bloating. Bacon and fatty meat are not safe for even humans, so do not teach your dog bad habits with such kind of meals.

Salty Foods

Too much salt in dogs leads to sodium ion poisoning, which is a serious health issue that can endanger the life of your pet.

Salty foods can also cause your dog to drink too much water and also lead to bloating, excessive urination, vomiting, high body temperature, seizures, diarrhea and so many other health concerns.

Keep salts away from your dog, and while you chew away snacks that are high in salt content, keep your pet at arm’s length. 

Garlic and Onions

Garlic and onions come out fine in pasta and sauces, but don’t let your pet eat a meal with these spices. These food ingredients are very bad for dogs.

They are known to destroy the red blood cells of dogs and cause them anemia. Symptoms of anemia in dogs include vomiting, loss of appetite, weakness, and breathlessness.

Don’t worry if your dog licks up a plate of spice stew with onions and garlic, but do not let him eat them on a regular basis or large quantity.

Gum, Candy, and Peanut Butter

Kids always love to share their candies with their pet dog, but you have to warn them that candies, gums, and peanut butter are bad for dogs.

The major ingredient in candies that is bad for dogs is xylitol. Xylitol is known to cause insulin surge in dogs, this leads to a high-level drop in blood sugar and liver failure.

Symptoms of liver failure in dogs are a loss of coordination, lethargy, seizures, excessive vomiting and finally death. So keep the candy jar far away from your dog.

Grapes, Raisins, and Sugar

Grapes and raisins are bad news for dogs! Your dog might have had a little of these foods in the past and still be healthy, but make sure it doesn’t happen again as these foods can lead to renal failure in dogs. Raisins in large quantity shut down the kidney of your dogs. Symptoms include lethargy, vomiting, and death. Keep raisins and grapes away from dogs.

Humans and dogs face similar problems when it comes to excessive sugar. Excess sugar leads to diabetes and obesity in dogs. So as you cut down on sugar, keep your dog in shape too!

With the Arden Grange Dog Food, you can keep your dog well nourished and healthy. Keep your dogs away from the food listed above and watch him lead a happy life.


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