Most people think that car buying is easy. You need a car, so you go out and buy one. But, there are lots of things you have to consider before you hand over your money. One of those things is what type of car are you looking at. For example, if you want a city car, you need to look for something different to a family car. Bearing that in mind, here are five things to look for in a city car:


The first thing on our list is obvious; size. That’s one of the biggest things that sets city cars apart from the rest. They’re designed to be compact and good in tight spaces. City roads are notorious for always being busy and full of parked cars, meaning it’s hard to drive a large car around a city. So, you opt for smaller ones. The best city cars will be the smallest ones on the market. You’re not looking for something that can accommodate a whole family of adults. You don’t need a car that has a huge amount of boot space and seven seats. No, you’re looking for something that’s compact and well-suited to the tight streets.


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I find that the design of a city car is also important. I mean, no one wants to be driving around in an ugly car anyway. It can put you off if you know that people are staring at your car and wondering ‘what on earth is that?’. Sadly, with a lot of small cars, they sacrifice size for looks. Things like the Smart Car are excellently sized, but look atrocious. For me, the best looking small car is still the Mini Cooper. You’ll notice on that every model is designed brilliantly. Similarly, the Hyundai i10 can boast an attractive, modern, design too. Or, the Citroen DS3 is a favourite for some. When you’re driving in the city, your car will be seen by lots of people, so, it helps when it looks good. You want it to turn heads for all the right reasons.


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As I mentioned, city cars need to be good to drive around tight roads and busy streets. For this reason, you must get a car that handles well. You can’t be driving around in something that’s impossible to handle. It has to feel responsive and be able to turn well and take corners with ease. Thankfully, almost all of the typical ‘city cars’ are designed with this in mind. I mentioned a few names earlier, and all of those cars have superb handling. It’s very important that you get your hands on a vehicle that’s easy to drive. Otherwise, your experience can get really bad, fast. Driving your city car shouldn’t be a struggle, it should be easy to do and feel great too.


Price is a key thing to think about when you’re buying any car. Regarding a small city car, you won’t want something that’s overly expensive. After all, you are buying a small car. Compact cars are cheaper to build, so they shouldn’t cost as much as bigger ones. A quick look at the market will show you an average price for this type of car. You want to ensure you buy one that fits in with that price, don’t go overboard. There’s no point paying too much for a city car because I can guarantee you’ll be able to pick up a cheap one. Whether you buy new or used, it doesn’t matter, you can get them for a bargain.


The next thing you have to look for is how efficient the car is. The best city cars are extremely fuel-efficient and don’t cost a lot to run. If you’re cruising around a city, you want something that can hold a tank of petrol for a long time. Also, you’re going to be around lots of people so you want to keep carbon emissions down. There are loads of cars that offer hybrid or eco-friendly engines. These are perfect! But, you can also change your driving to make your fuel last longer and be more eco-efficient. Take a look at this article to find out more:

And there you have it, five things to look for in a small city car. Choosing a car for city living is probably much harder than you thought. If you want the best driving experience possible, you must look for a vehicle that ticks all of the things on this list. To help you out even further, look at some of the best city cars available: I mentioned a couple of these cars during this article, but all of them are perfect for you.



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