Every home needs a few improvements now and then to maintain its look. And if you are planning to implement any changes in the way your home looks, then it is recommended that you do account for the environmental friendliness of the improvement. This will benefit the health of the residents over the long term. And below, we will look at six easy ways you can improve the look of your home in an eco-friendly manner.


Painting your walls will certainly give your home a polished look. However, you have to be very careful about which type of paint you use. Many paint brands will contain toxins and chemicals which are known to pollute the environment slowly. As such, it is highly recommended that you use low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paints for your walls, which are known to release only a low level of toxins into the atmosphere. In addition, these types of paints can also resist any water splatter. And if you are looking for paint which are naturally odorless, then the low VOC paint is the one you should choose. And if you are considering plastering the wall to give it a smooth finish, then check out cornwall.plasterers1stopshop.co.uk so that you can but the best tools for the job.

Refurbished Furniture

If you are thinking of buying furniture for your home, then consider getting refurbished ones rather than brand new ones. New furniture will essentially involve cutting of trees, chemical washing, and many other processes that will only do harm to the environment. However, refurbished furniture has already been built and will involve zero environmental damage. If you diligently search through the refurbished options, you will surely find furniture that looks as good as new, and that too at a much lower price.  As such, refurbished furniture also makes good economic sense if you are on a tight budget.

Energy Efficiency

Planning to get a new refrigerator, air conditioning, water heater, or any such appliance? If so, you should try to buy an appliance that has the highest energy efficiency rating so that it does the least possible damage to the environment. The initial cost might see too much for such products. But when you use it over a period of time, you will surely recoup that extra investment in the form of energy savings.


Another way you can contribute to lower environmental damage while improving your home is by thoroughly insulating it. Doing so will ensure that no indoor air gets outside, and no outdoor air gets inside. As such, when you use air conditioning, the room will remain cooler for a longer period. In the same way, when you use a heater, the room remains warmer for longer. As such, you only have to use them for a less period of time, thereby ensuring lower carbon footprint.  Plus, you will also be able to reduce your monthly energy expenses.

Window Treatments

You can also look into installing window treatments, especially those that provide thermal insulation. They will not only maintain the indoor temperature but will also let in more light and heat into the rooms. So, in winter months when you use a room heater, the appliance only need to run minimally since the insulation will help retain the warm temperature of the room. It is also advisable that you check the fabric of the window treatment before you buy it. As far as possible, the fabric must contain only low amounts of chemicals. This will make sure that they don’t harm the environment.


If you are considering replacing your flooring, then it is recommended that you look at more eco-friendly options. These include materials like bamboo, reclaimed wood, cork, and so on. This will ensure that the flooring is done with the least impact on the environment. However, keep in mind that the flooring material must match the overall style of your home, or else it can turn out to be visually unappealing.

In addition to the above, try to add a few plants in your property. If you already have a garden, then that should be good enough for outside the home. However, if the indoors of your house is devoid of any plant, then it is highly recommended that you select a few good looking plants and place them in the rooms. Not only will they add a visual aesthetic to the house, making it look more natural and lively, but you will also be contributing to the environment by using as much greenery as you can.


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