One of the biggest problems facing society is underage drinking. More and more teens are starting to drink alcohol illegally. 15-year-olds are spending their Saturday mornings hungover when they should be on the sofa watching cartoons. But it’s not entirely their fault. They drink because it’s deemed ‘cool’, and everyone else does it. Around the US people are constantly having a drink or three – it’s normal. As a result, the youth of today don’t know any better.

However, drinking too much alcohol can lead to many health problems. Which means underage drinkers are affecting their health while they’re young. Check out these sixe health problems caused by alcohol:

Liver Problems

Problems with your liver are mostly associated with alcohol consumption. Consuming too much alcohol over time can have negative effects on your liver. We need our liver because it helps to clean our blood and act as a filter. Alcohol is tough for our liver to break down and, as a result, leads to various diseases, like hepatitis.

Heart Problems

Excessive alcohol drinking can cause problems to your heart and circulatory system. By drinking lots of alcohol each week, you increase the chances of getting heart disease. Heart disease can lead to high blood pressure and even induce strokes.

Mental Health Problems

Drinking lots of alcohol over your lifetime can lead to numerous mental health problems. Alcohol can lead to depression in many people. Depression is a serious mental disease that kills many every year. One of the best things to do when alcohol affects you mentally is to check into a safe house. Safe houses, like A Fresh Start to Sober Living, offer a friendly environment to help you recover. You will be surrounded by professionals and people like you, who can offer you advice and help.


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Sleeping Problems

Alcohol is the cause of many sleep-related problems. If you drink lots of alcohol, you can start to suffer from insomnia and have trouble sleeping. Your sleep cycle will become erratic, and you could find yourself awake at random times during the night. Also, alcohol has detrimental effects on your sex drive.

Physical Problems

You can also develop long-lasting physical problems from drinking too much alcohol. Problems like gout are common for those who consume alcohol regularly. Gout is a type of arthritis that can cause people physical pain. It commonly affects the joints and our back, making it painful to move. Having gout can become a huge problem in your senior years.


By continuously drinking alcohol, you increase the chances of getting cancer. There’s evidence to suggest that alcohol is linked to thousands of cancer cases each year. If you drink alcohol every day, then you’re a lot more likely to develop cancer than someone who doesn’t. Cancer takes lives, so don’t increase your chances of getting it.

You can see now that alcohol causes many health problems. Drinking alcohol regularly over a sustained period is horrible for your body. So drinking it from a young age is just setting yourself up for these problems earlier. You should only drink legally, and in moderation – know your limits people.


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