Dating is a tricky business. You need to make a good impression on your first date, otherwise you’ll scupper your chances of another one. You can’t get comfortable too quickly and start doing gross, inappropriate things – save that for when you’re in a real relationship. With that in mind, here are 8 things you should never do on a date:

Forget Your Manners

A first date is never the time to forget your manners. Don’t swear, and make sure you say please and thank you. Don’t be rude to anyone you come across on your date and just be a genuinely nice person.

Spend All of Your Time on The Phone

Spending all of your time on the phone is a huge no-no. You should avoid replying to messages, answering phone calls, and especially checking Facebook. Just stay off your phone as much as you can. It can be hard with so many things to check up on and the busy lives we lead, but it is possible. If you must answer a call, keep it short.

Reveal Too Much About Yourself

Keep some things for later on. Revealing all about yourself right away can be a huge turn off. Especially if you’re all you talk about. You should ask your date about themselves, and just talk about life in general too. Don’t think of this as a place you need to give everything away.

Grill Them

Although you should ask your date questions, don’t grill them. The worst thing you can do is make them feel like they’re at a job interview. Know where to draw the line when it comes to asking questions. You could even start an interesting conversation about the world’s most dangerous creatures; just don’t give them the third degree!

Be Negative

Never be negative on a first date, ever. Put a filter on that stops you from using negative words and phrases. Don’t talk about things you don’t like. Talk about things that you do like instead. This will make the world of difference. People are attracted to positive people.



Get Drunk

Getting drunk won’t help you to bring out your best side, so avoid this at all costs. Have a few drinks, but know when you’re getting tipsy and stop there. You don’t need your inhibitions lowered than they are already!

Eat Smelly Food

Eating smelly food will make your breath stink. You might not be able to notice it, but your date certainly will. Do you really want them to wish you’d shut up every time you open your mouth?

Talk About Sex

Unless a hookup is is all you’re looking for, don’t talk about sex on the first date. Keep this to yourself to remain mysterious. It might be appropriate to talk about it later on, but not on the first date.

Now you’re about ready to go on your date and handle it with class. Have an amazing time and let us know how it went in the comments. See you next time!



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