There are many bad habits out there, some of which people are doing without even realizing how bad they are! The truth is, habits like this could be aging you before your time. Read on to discover what they are and what you can do about them:

Worrying Constantly

You might think that worrying only affects your mental state, but you’d be wrong. Just think of all of those ‘worry lines’ permanently making a dent in your forehead. Not only that, feeling worry and anxiety all of the time can affect your sleep habits and eating habits, which of course have a huge impact on how you age. Eating trigger foods like fatty foods and junk will always age you much faster than cleaner foods. Not getting enough sleep will make you feel awful, and you’ll have the bags to show for it!


If you didn’t already know, smoking can affect us in so many ways. Not only is it awful for the skin, making it lose its elasticity and vibrancy, it’s also bad for your hair, eyes, nails, and more. Smoking can make you go blind, make your hair fall out, the lot! You can get propecia tablets online, but if you don’t stop smoking, there’s a thin chance you’re going to see any results. Even the occasional cigarette can be extremely detrimental to your health.

Binge Drinking

Some people aren’t sure what constitutes as binge drinking, and it isn’t necessarily drinking until you’re sick or pass out. Both women and men are only recommended to drink a couple of units a day, and one drink usually more than covers this. Even if you’re only drinking enough to feel merry, this could be classed as binge drinking, especially if you do it most nights! Cut down on the amount you drink and get more clued up on units.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Maybe you have a busy job, kids, and jobs to do. You might see sleep as an inconvenience. Some people barely get 4 hours a night, yet still get up the next day and try to be a superhero. Not getting enough sleep is very dangerous. It can impact your reaction times, as well as your ability to make simple decisions. By focusing on getting enough sleep, you’ll be far more productive during the day. Not only that, you’ll reduce those wrinkles and undereye bags too. The amount of sleep you’re getting will show on your face!

Skipping The SPF

Applying SPF each morning takes a matter of seconds, especially if you purchase a face cream that already contains the stuff. However, so many people skip it. Applying this could really make the difference when it comes to visible wrinkles, and even skin damage that you can’t quite see yet. Don’t neglect to put it on every day!

Do what you can to minimize these bad habits as soon as possible, and you should find that you look so much younger. You’ll be healthier and feel great too!


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