The simple answer is yes, of course you are. Thanks to premises liability, you will be responsible for any injury your employee suffers on your business premises. But it’s important that we look at this issue in more depth. If you’re running a business you should know everything about your employees health. In a way, protecting your employees health is just as an important as looking after your own health. Why is this?

A Lawsuit

The first issue that you’ll have to consider is a lawsuit. If you don’t look after the health and safety of your employees, you could open yourself and your business up to an expensive lawsuit. A lawsuit that, with the right facts and a good attorney, they can easily win. You could end up paying a massive amount in damages. It’s important to realise that a lawsuit could be brought forward by an employee due to either physical or emotional health issues. One such issue could be, emotional distress.

Emotional Distress

You might be wondering what type of situation could put you at the front of an emotional distress lawsuit. We suggest you think about the possibility of bullying in the office. If there is a case of bullying in your office, it could easily cause an employee enough emotional pain to seek legal options. It is your responsibility to ensure cases like bullying in your business are dealt with quickly. Bullying is often disregarded as an issue that people face during their childhood. But it’s all too common in the professional workplace.

One of the best ways to handle these types of issues in the office is to adopt a no tolerance policy. If there is any evidence of bullying in the office the employee responsible should be dismissed immediately. Now, you might say that this could open you up to a different type of lawsuit. Rest assured it will be difficult for any employee to argue a wrongful dismissal lawsuit. Particularly if they were suspected of bullying in the office. It’s unlikely that they will even attempt to argue their case.

You also need to think about the outcome of this scenario. Even if you do deal with the issue, the emotional distress might still be there. You should do everything you can to help your employee. Critical incident management service by Health Assured will help your employees through any issues. It will get them back on track, and a lawsuit will be the furthest thing from their mind.

Other Issues

There are other issues you need to consider when thinking about employee health. Problems with employee health could limit the productivity of your company. RSI is a good example of this. If an employee suffers from RSI it will limit the speed they can complete typography. This could be an issue for IT companies. That’s why it’s crucial you monitor your employees. Make sure they are not causing themselves harm working that could be prevented.

We hope you find this information useful when keeping your employees happy and healthy.


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