Gone are the days when men were expected to not wear any jewelry. The metrosexual, contemporary man is not afraid to show off his affluence and step out in style.

There can be various types of jewelry and materials to choose from. However, metal make and chains are very popular among men of today.


White gold, silver, platinum and gold are the most popular options. You can even get customized options and iced varieties if you prefer. The metal is important to choose, as it adds volume to your entire attire.

Gold signifies not just the grandeur, but it also has its own significance in terms of its appeal. If gold is not the color for you, a silver variant is the next best option. Be it silver or platinum, choose a metal that will compliment your personality the most. Needless to say, silver comes cheaper than platinum and will not give you the same effect.

The metal also lends its shine and gloss to the chain. There are times certain alloys become important in jewelry making due to design needs. Make sure you are aware of what metal your chain is made up off.

Traditional Choice

If we look at any ancient civilization men, women all used to wear jewelry as it signified their power and opulence. With time and very recently men’s jewelry became questionable. But thanks to emerging trends of discarding toxic masculinity and especially due to the popular hip hop culture, men’s jewelry are making a comeback.

Why Chains?

It has long been a norm to expect men to only wear watches, at most bracelets. But truly speaking a chain has versatility and appeal that no other piece of jewelry has. Chains are perfect for men. Check out this store for the amazing collection they have. A chain makes a statement of its own. Depending on your outfit, a chain can be altered or given a new look with the addition of different types of pendants.

Types Of Chains

Chains are subtle, hints of charm that your neck adorns. If your style is that of a minimalist adornment, then thinner varieties will work wonders. If you are looking to grab eyeballs then go all out and embrace all the bling. There are different types to choose from.

Cuban Chain

It is typically the thicker variety for the chain. The linking pattern is so intricate and coordinated that it makes the chain voluminous and heavy. The chain has a very bold presence. It looks best in gold but can also be worn in silver. Typical pendant of choice with Cuban chain is the name tag variant.

Rope Chain

As the name suggests, this chain gives out the appearance of a rope. It can be thick or thin, depends on your preference. A great design that works with various types of courts, jackets. Even sweatshirts look cooler with a rope chain. There are many hip hop artists, who swear by this accessory most of the time. This chain also lets you experiment with any type of pendant you might wish to choose. Be it a religious emblem or a stone crusted dice pendant, everything looks good on it.

Franco Chain

These chains are the sturdiest and perhaps the heaviest. You can add on the karats as you please on this chain. Because of their strength bearing capacity, it is especially popular among folks looking to wear very heavy signature pendants. The linking of this chain gives it a unique look that lends it the strength. Even though a robust chain, the metal you make it with can be variable.

Mariner Chain

This requires fine craftsmanship. This chain has circular links and a bar goes through it. Beautiful in design and intricate in appeal, this type of chains are certainly very special ones. They were no doubt made popular by the Mariners. Any metal suits the design of this type of chain.

Byzantine Chain

This is a very sophisticated design that calls for links being put together. A common variant of it is widely used in making wristbands for watches. The exquisite design of this chain makes it valuable. When pairing with a pendant, take caution that it does not undermine the beauty of this chain.

Dog Tag chain

Beaded looking chains ideal for pendants. This is very commonly worn and looks great in any metal.

With a chain around your neck, you can bask in the glory of an added bling. With an added bling, the way a man presents himself can be totally altered and it is for the good.


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