If you’ve been entertaining the idea of hiring a translation agency, you probably have a lot of questions in mind. Finding the right interpreter and translator that fits your needs, budget, and works well with you can be a challenging and daunting task, especially if you’ve been working with freelancers this whole time. Translation agencies can offer you a lot of great benefits that you just won’t find with freelancers. Through this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about translation agencies.

What is a translation agency?

A translation agency is an agency compiled of highly trained and qualified translators, SEO experts, and interpreters hired to help you better communicate with your international clients and expand your business to global operations. They typically offer a wide variety of services to help cover all your translation needs, so you won’t have to outsource to find a freelancer. If you’ve had experience finding your own translator, you know how valuable that timesaver can be.

What services do translation agencies provide?

If you choose a translation agency that offers complete language translation services, you can expect something similar to the following services offered:

  • Web content translation
  • Press release translation
  • Multilingual SEO services
  • Interpreter services
  • Important document translation
  • Multilingual transcription
  • Multilingual subtitling and voice-overs

Some agencies offer a wide range of other services including web design assistance and others offer far less like only document translation and interpretation. The valuable part of utilizing a translation service for these needs is that, should a new translation or interpretation need arise, you merely have to tell the agency what you need and they’ll provide you with someone.

Why should you choose a translation agency over an independent translator/interpreter?

When working with freelancers, you’ll either have to sign multiple contracts with one freelancer to get them to do all the services you require (and that’s only if their capable of doing all of it) or having to find and contract out to multiple freelancers which is time consuming and tedious. In choosing a translation agency, you’re guaranteed high quality content and that all of the services you require can be handled under the same company, contract, and same fee you were quoted. You also have a team of experts to whom you can go if you have any questions or surprise needs occur. It’s rare to find that kind of support through a freelancer, simply because they don’t often have the time.

Hiring a translation agency can be highly beneficial to your international expansion. Through working with them, you’re offered guaranteed high quality content, fluently and accurately translated content and documents, and support from a team of highly qualified professionals. They also do away with the hassle of trying to find qualified freelancers within your budget that can handle your various translating needs. Though they tend to cost a slight bit more than some freelancers, the amount of time and stress they save you is more than worth the marginal price difference.


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