As our kids move from childhood into teenage years, their tastes will slowly begin to change. Especially when it comes to what the want for their birthday. It can be a minefield buying for teenagers as they can quickly change their mind about what they want. The rate at which things come and go from fashion these days doesn’t make things easier. It can be very hard to keep up with trends! To help you stay on your toes here is a list of five fabulous gifts that every teenager wants for their birthday.

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  1. An Adventure

Gifts and presents don’t have to be physical objects. You can also treat your child to an experience. If you know what activities are on their bucket list, then you are already off to a good start with choosing a gift. Teenagers who are a fan of action-packed sports may enjoy a day out on the pitch. For kids who love to travel, how about a mini-break in a European city? For an extra special treat, you could even send them euro railing!

  1. A New Look

We all love buying ourselves new clothes and spending some time being pampered in a salon. One gift idea could involve treating your teenager to a makeover. This is especially popular with girls, who will jump at the chance of a new haircut, manicure and outfit. Your boys can also get involved to. Do they wear glasses? Then how about treating them to contact lenses. There are many popular brands to choose from, some of which can even change their eye colour!

  1. A Big Party

If your teenager isn’t sure what they want, and you are also drawing blanks when it comes to ideas, simply organise a huge party. Invite all their friends and family around to yours for a day they’ll never forget. Put up a bouncy castle in the garden and cook up a vast feast! Or you can go one better and hire out a venue. If you want, keep it simple and book a local bar or a room at your nearest leisure centre.

  1. A Pet

Kids often ask for pets. This might continue well into their teenage phase. So is it time to buy them one? This gift needs a lot of planning. Will the animal get enough time and affection? If you live in a large home and there will be someone in for most of the day, then you could buy your child a cat or a dog. If your family is busy and rarely home, it might be better to stick to a smaller pet that doesn’t need so much looking after, like a goldfish. Hamsters and rabbits are also good pets if you are out of the house a lot. Remember to talk this through with your child before committing. They need to understand that it will be their pet and they are the main person responsible for it!

Now that you’ve decided on your teenager’s perfect present, there’s only one thing left to do. Bake a birthday cake!



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