As a business owner, it’s vital that you’re technologically in the know. Never underestimate the importance of this! Your business may not be dependent on high-tech gadgets. Maybe you have a bookshop or a café. It may not seem like you’d need much complex technology in those industries.

But the fact is that any establishment that sells something can benefit from technology. This article isn’t a list of complicated gadgets that will do all your chores for you. It’s a guide to taking your first steps into a more modern, technologically-minded business.

Keeping Up-to-Date on Keeping Up-to-Date

This whole thing can seem a little overwhelming. There are all these new technologies being released all the time. Surely if you got one thing, it would be out of date in no time, and you’d have to buy another, thus entering some vicious and expensive cycle?



This shouldn’t prevent you from making sure your company is technologically stronger. People exaggerate how much you have to pour into ‘upkeep’ of gadgets and technological facilities. That being said, a little skepticism can help you. You should keep informed about new technologies as best as you can. You can follow blogs like to keep abreast.

Get yourself a website

There are a lot of small businesses that don’t have a website. If you are a business owner whose business doesn’t have a website, you’re at a disadvantage. This article probably doesn’t mark the first time someone has told you to correct this!

It may not seem like you’d need one. Let’s say you have a café on a busy high street. People walk past your store all the time; they see it, like the looks of it, they go inside. Business is going well this way. Why bother with a website?



Visual Hunt

The fact is that websites will always increase your sales and outreach potential. By just having a place on your own on the Internet, you make it so much more likely that people will just stumble upon your business while browsing. There will always be people in that town who won’t walk past your café. But if they search for ‘local cafés’ on Google, your website will turn up. Ta-dah! Website space is always available at places like

Join social media

Don’t underestimate how great Twitter and Facebook are for businesses. If we’ve only just convinced you to get a website, then this may still sound like an unnecessary step.

Social media is a great way to communicate with your customers and make announcements. This fosters a sense of friendship, intimacy and community. If your business has a great personality, people will want to support it. You can also consider a social media marketing campaign, allowing you to target even more customers. Find out more at

Look into smartphone apps

There is a lot of software out there that can help businesses tremendously. But if you’re not working at a computer much, it may not seem like good software is worth looking into.



Well, you have a smartphone, right? Then this software can still assist you. Your smartphone is, after all, very much like a personal computer. Look into getting some mobile apps for things like time management, payments, organization and communication. There’s probably an app out there than can help you!

Maybe it would be even more helpful for your business to have its own app for customers to use. Websites like specialise in helping businesses create apps without any programming knowledge.



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