Pablo Picasso once said that the purpose of art is to “[wash] the dust of daily life off our souls”. Never was a truer word spoken, and there’s nothing that can accomplish that quite like the right artwork in your home. Whether you’re just coming back from a long day at the office or returning from a lengthy holiday, there’s nothing quite like a home that welcomes you like an old friend would, and the art that sits on your walls is a wonderful way to achieve that feeling.

With that in mind, choosing the right art is important, because it’s going to need to complement whatever aesthetic you’re going for. Is your living room a minimalist tech nerd’s dream? Perhaps you’d do well with some circuit board art, for example, or a futurist piece. Aiming to create that cosy, artisan carpentry feel? Rich still life images would suit you best. Maybe you’re looking for a hippy, “shabby chic” vibe that complements your freewheeling personality? Warhol pieces will suit you down to the ground.

Sometimes, though, it’s not just about making your room look fierce, or wowing guests. Sometimes it’s just about having a home that feels cosy, warm and safe, somewhere to retreat to when the “dust of daily life” gets you down. When that happens, opting for something decidedly more downhome can be a real boon. Instead of aiming for bold, striking pieces that say something about your personality, there are a few other options available to you that will enhance the mood of your home while still keeping things chill and classy.

Having a framed photograph of your family hanging on the wall can really communicate what you’re all about, no words necessary. Excellent services like this photography studio can capture your family’s unique essence in a series of pictures before framing them professionally, allowing you to create your own piece of art that’s completely personal to you. Nothing says “my home” like a photograph created just for you, after all; besides, you want your guests to see how beautiful your family looks, and a framed photo is the perfect way to do just that.

There are plenty of other ways you can accomplish this “lived-in” feel with art, though. Wall-hanging pieces are great, but don’t neglect the importance of sculpture, pottery and other mantelpiece adornments. From off-beat human figure studies to abstract creations and beautiful inlaid vases, there are plenty of options for you if you want something to display on your shelf that’ll really make you feel at home. Combine these sculptures with pieces of art that complement their visual style, and you’ll create your very own aesthetic that just feels right.

What kind of art you install in your home should depend entirely on who you are, but no matter what style you opt for, you’ll notice an immediate difference as soon as you hang that framed photograph or that abstract masterpiece on the wall. That’s your sense of taste encapsulated in a painting or a picture, so every time you come home and look at it, you’ll be reminded that this is your space – especially if you opt for a photo of your children or your parents.


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