Car sellers across the world are in a much better position today than ever before. That is because modern technology has helped to drive the industry forward and create more profit. Today, we’re going to take a quick look at some of the biggest changes and advancements of the last ten years. With a bit of luck, we’ll show you how car dealers are using digital aids to reach more customers and sell more products. At the end of the day, anyone who plans to make money from automobiles in the future will need to pay attention. Everyone else should benefit from this information too. We’ll all have to purchase a new model at some point, right?



Easier access to stock

Ten years ago, people who wanted to purchase a used car would visit many dealerships in their local area. That was the only way to find out which models were in stock and information about deals. However, car selling websites have changed everything in the modern world. Every dealer can now upload their vehicles to sites like AutoTrader that list thousands of cars from all around the country. It’s effectively an eBay for dealers without all the hassle of bidding. That means sellers might gain customers from other locations they wouldn’t have reached otherwise.

Better checking facilities

Car dealers have to make sure they are not buying dodgy vehicles. The best way of doing that involves performing a history check. Again, the process used to take a long time up until a couple of years ago. Sellers would have to submit documents to the appropriate authorities and find out if a car had been stolen. In most instances, they would have to purchase the vehicle before receiving a reply. That meant they used to lose thousands when they got a negative response. Thankfully, anyone can check a car’s history in seconds these days by sending a simple text message.



More advanced CRM solutions

Auto Dealer CRM software might have been around for a long time. However, it’s only recently become useful to the average car seller. It allows them to store customer information and advance their marketing efforts. Buyers know that finding a reliable and honest dealer is hard work. Indeed, that’s why they will always come back for more if you keep them happy. The issue is that most people only change their vehicles every couple of years. So, dealers have to work hard to keep their brand in the forefront of the customer’s mind. The CRM software of today makes that task easy!

As you can see, technology has helped to push the car industry forward and create more profit. These days, anyone can advertise their vehicles to people all over the country. That means they are not limited to customers living locally to their premises. On top of that, fast vehicle checks mean no dealer gets ripped off by criminals looking to make a quick buck. Will technology take the market to new levels in 2016? We can only wait and see.



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