Technology is playing an ever-increasing role in our lives. And this is as true in care homes as it is anywhere else in the world. Here are the essential ways in which technology is being used in care homes and what it means for care home residents.


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For Communication

It’s vitally important for people in care homes to be able to communicate. Technology is making it easier than ever before for people who are residents in care homes to stay in touch with their families. It has always been difficult to get this balance right. But when you can hold Skype conversations with people on the other side of the road, it makes the whole thing so much easier.

All studies show that people live longer and have a better quality of life when they are in contact with their friends and family. Therefore, being to stay in touch so easily could offer fantastic solutions for improving the quality of life for people in care homes. It’s not just about giving residents something to do; it’s about encouraging them to have a rounded and fulfilling social life as well. This is more important than many people realise.

For Care

The most important use of technology in care homes relates to care. Things like smart beds and wheelchairs are used every day by residents in care homes. These kinds of things can make life that little bit easier and improve their mobility too. There are also things like lifts and hoists that are very important to people who have severe mobility problems. They can help them get in and out of the shower and bed, for example. Visit a care home furniture specialist for more details.

Technology is also making the way in which staff care for patients better and safer. Patient records and medical details can be stored electronically and retrieved at any time. And software can be used to plan employee schedules, ensuring that there are enough support staff on duty at all times. Things like this make a big difference to how a care home is run, and they make the whole process much safer.

For Entertainment

There is also a need for entertainment. When you have a lot of people stuck in a home, it can be easy for them to get bored. This, in turn, leads to brain inactivity, and that can have health implications for residents in the long-term. By having tablets and phones that can be used by residents, the people who run care homes can help to keep everyone busy and free from boredom.

Some care homes are even using gaming technology to encourage residents to stay active. Consoles like the Nintendo Wii have been big hits with residents in some homes. They allow people to get active even if they have relatively limited mobility. Maybe they can’t run around the block, but they can wave around a controller and have fun at the same time. It’s a great way of keeping people entertained and active.



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