The recently published the best-seller list for cars. We were quick to spot the most common names. The Ford Fiesta almost always comes out on top. The Vauxhall Corsa is typically in second place, and the Volkswagen Polo is in there somewhere. However, in the last few years, there’s been a new name cropping up. The Nissan Qashqai. How on earth did an SUV make it onto the best-seller’s list? Not only that, but it’s now in the top five. So, why exactly is the car so popular?

Growth of SUV popularity

Quite simply, families are turning to the SUV more and more. Although 4x4s were typically built to scale mountains and ford rivers, things are changing. They are now adopted by traditional family to tackle the school runs. They are big enough to squeeze in the whole family. And, they’re safe enough to give you peace of mind. SUVs are on the rise, and people are flocking to the Qashqai. It’s cheaper than its rival at BMW, and it outperforms everything else in its price range.

Running costs

But, why the Qashqai in particular? One strong reason is the running costs of this SUV. It’s significantly cheaper to operate than many of its competitors. It boasts a fantastic 74 mpg, which is almost unheard of for a 4×4. Its low CO2 emissions also make it free to tax, saving you a fortune over the course of a year. Most families are on a budget, and the Qashqai fits into that lifestyle.


It’s also deceptively spacious. The Qashqai is actually the same length as a Ford Focus, so it’s not a huge car. But, that space opens up on the inside. It’s tall, so there’s loads of headroom, and even adults will feel comfortable in the back. As for the boot, you could comfortably take the entire family wardrobe on holiday.


Perhaps the biggest reason for the Qashqai’s popularity is its sticker price. Starting at only £18k, the SUV is an affordable option for any modern family. It’s just a little bit more than the best hatchbacks, and you get a lot more room. It rises to around £28k if you opt for the bigger engine and all the trimmings. Take a look at to see all the pricing options.

Drivability and performance

Most families are looking for a car that is comfortable, safe, and predictable to drive. You get all that and more with the Qashqai. It comes complete with a host of technical wizardry that keeps you on the road. The car moves with you as you drive, helping you take corners with confidence. The light suspension absorbs all the lumps and bumps, so the kids will feel comfortable in the back.


We’re all concerned about the safety of our children in the back seat, and the Qashqai delivers here too. Named the UK’s 6th safest car, it scored a full five-star rating in the Euro NCAP testing. It’s size and onboard technology make it one of the safest on the road.

When you look at the Qashqai point-by-point, you begin to realise exactly why it’s one of the UK’s best-sellers.  




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