Let’s face it; many of us want to drive around in luxurious vehicles! We don’t want to spend our time driving in noisy old hatchbacks. If we had the means, we’d prefer to drive a car that offered style, panache and elegance. In short, we’d want to drive cars that we’d see a celebrity driving!

By now you are probably thinking to yourself the only way to afford such a car is to win the lottery. What if I told you that you could still get a new luxury car without going broke? No, you don’t need to steal some money to do so. Nor do you have to do anything remotely illegal to get the funds you need!


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Intrigued? Keep reading and I’ll share with you extraordinary ways to buy a new luxury car. Here is what you need to know:

Get the most amount of money when you sell your car

Unless you want a collection of cars, you need to sell yours to fund your new luxury car! It doesn’t matter what vehicle you drive. What does matter is that you do what it takes to make it sell for the highest price.

For a start, you should get an interior and exterior valet done. Don’t spend the time doing it yourself; pay a professional to do it for you. That way, your car will look gleaming and attractive!

Next, make sure that from a mechanical perspective everything works well. Last, but not least, be sure to have all the relevant service history with it. By following the above tips, you’ll get the highest price for your car.


Image via Wikimedia Commons

Shop around for the best lease plan

We all know that buying and leasing cars have their benefits. But, it makes sense to lease a new car these days. Why does that make sense? For a start, you have the opportunity to upgrade to a different car after three years or so. And you’ll have less money to pay for your gleaming new car!

It’s important to shop around for your lease. If you wanted a Merc, there is Mercedes Finance available from many providers. Choose one that offers the best terms and the lowest interest rates. Depending on your deposit, you may not even have to pay any interest!

Save up some cash

Unless you’re sailing close to the wind from a financial point of view, you should save some money. Assign a percentage of your income each month to your new car fund.

Why do you need to do that, I hear you ask? Well, as much as I’d wish it to happen, you can’t get a new car for free. You have to pay some money for it! You’ve already got some cash put aside from the sale of your existing car. You just need to “top up” that money from your monthly earnings.

I recommend saving up around 25% to 40% of the new car’s value. I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s article. Thanks for reading!


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