Did you know that your Mac automatically stores temporary files that it may need to access quickly? In fact the browser app that you’re using right now is probably storing some data in a cache file somewhere so that it can speed up the loading time for websites that you access regularly by reading them from your hard drive.


Although cache files are generally intended to help make your Mac more efficient and improve its speed in some areas – they can often become problematic. By nature cache files are temporary and are meant to be deleted after a while – but sometimes that doesn’t happen for various reasons and the cache files can start to pile up and eat into the free space on your hard drive.

Trying to clear out cache files on your Mac manually would be a lot of tedious work – so instead of that you should use software to automate it. That is where Movavi Mac Cleaner will be a huge asset as you can learn how to clear cache on Mac in just a few easy steps:

  1. Launch Movavi Mac Cleaner and let it scan your Mac to locate cache files (along with other types of ‘junk’ files).
  2. Go to the ‘System Cleanup’ menu and select to remove the ‘User’ or ‘System’ cache (or let the software clean up all the junk files that it found).
  3. Click ‘Start Cleaning’ to begin removing the files that you selected.

As you can see it really is a simple process and shouldn’t take you very long at all. Considering all the other junk files that Movavi Mac Cleaner found will also be cluttering your Mac it really does make sense to remove them at the same time – but that is up to you.

In fact you may also want to take advantage of the other features in Movavi Mac Cleaner as well. More specifically you could use the ‘Uninstaller’ to delete apps that you no longer use along with leftovers from apps that are no longer installed, as well as the ‘Shredder’ to remove files in such a way that they can’t be restored. The antivirus and firewall that are built into it may also come in handy to protect your PC from some of the many threats that are out there too.

All in all Movavi Mac Cleaner can certainly help ensure that your Mac is in ship shape. If nothing else at very least you should now be able to delete all the unnecessary cache files from your Mac and free up a ton of space while also making sure that it is running optimally at the same time.


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