Whether you’re going on your first holiday abroad or facing your fear of flying, your first time on an aeroplane can be scary. Some people feel anxious to begin with but soon settle into it and truly enjoy the experience. Whereas others feel uncomfortable and nervous throughout the journey. You won’t know how well you will deal with your first aeroplane trip until you do it. But there are some things you can do beforehand to prepare you and make you feel more relaxed. So before you head to the airport use this guide to make your first flight more relaxing and enjoyable.


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Experience flying before you go

Most people feel nervous about flying because they don’t know what it will feel like. So something that you could consider doing before your trip would be to take a ride in a small plane or helicopter. Pleasureflights Ltd and other air tour providers have fantastic tours where you can experience flying. While it might not be quite the same as flying in an aeroplane, it gives you the chance to get used to the sensation. Plus it’s an exciting day out where you can go sightseeing over historical buildings and countryside with your family and friends.


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Pack plenty of entertainment

Travelling by aeroplane can be a bit boring if you don’t have any entertainment. Plus if you’re feeling unsettled by the movement and sounds of the plane, some distractions would be highly beneficial. Some planes will provide entertainment in the form of magazines and TV’s, but others will not. So find out what will be provided so you know just how much you need to bring. Audio books, magazines and colouring books are all ideal choices. Always find out how long your trip will be and what you allocated hand luggage is. This will help you pack enough items to keep you entertained throughout but also stop you from packing too much.


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Get to the airport early

The last thing you want on the day you are travelling is to arrive late to the airport. This will make you stressed and could make you feel more nervous about boarding the plane. So always arrive at the airport at least 2-3 hours before your flight. This will allow you to check in, wander around duty-free and have some food and drink before you board. It will also give you the opportunity to see the plane and get used to your surroundings. If the airport is far away from your home, consider booking into a hotel nearby the night before. This will reduce the chances of you being late and make your trip to the airport far more relaxed.

The key to a successful trip on an aeroplane is planning and preparation. So ensure you do each item on this list in advance will be highly beneficial to you and your family. If you feel unwell or overwhelmed by the trip, always let a member of the crew know. They are trained to make you feel at ease and reduce the stress you might be experiencing.



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