You may have a great many reasons for trying to track someone’s phone, maybe your child continually wanders away from where they are supposed to be, maybe your partner is not being faithful, or maybe, quite simply, you have lost your handset and want to be able to find it. Whatever the reason you have it is possible to track a phone using the phone number.

The tracking of a mobile phone is now possible thanks to the range of mobile tracking apps that a readily available. They can be used by anyone, even if their reasons for tracking a phone are not completely legal. Even the iPhone can be tracked using this attest technology. At one time the iPhone needed jailbreaking before an app of this kind could be used on it, but not anymore – now all that is needed is a telephone number.


Prey works only when asked to. This means there is no tracking software running constantly, you simply log onto your computer whenever you want to trace the whereabouts of your handset. A very easy app to use, and ideal for those how often misplace their phones.

GPS Phone Tracker for iPhone

The GPS Phone Tracker is for use on the iPhone and is available in a wide range of languages including Korean, Japanese and French. With this app it is possible to track up to 3 different handsets. You can trace your own handset and others by using the ‘I am following’ option. This can be found at the top of the app screen.


This phone tracker developed by Hoverwatch can be used to track Android handsets. It has a few great features including the fact that a boundary can be set, so if it is loaded onto a child’s handset you will be notified of that child moves out of the specified area. A great way to help keeping them safe. Hoverwatch gives reliable up to date information on all devices it is tracking and it is really quick and easy to install, even better it is simple to use. This refog pc tracker can be downloaded at

Google Latitude

Google Latitude doesn’t need downloaded apps to work, it works through the preinstalled GPS feature in your smartphone. You can log into Google Latitude whenever you lose your handset and find the phones last location. This is handy if you think your phone has been stolen or if you need to find where your child has gone.

You can use tracking apps on your family’s handsets, but you need to be careful when and how you use it. Some people might not take kindly to being monitored and in some cases it can be considered stalking. You may need the permission of the handset owner to install the tracking software if you don’t want to find yourself in trouble at a late date.


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