Passing your driving test is by no means easy. There are many aspects of learning to drive that should be addressed to guarantee driving success. Now we are in 2017 it could be a great time to get stuck in and start learning. Being able to drive is more than holding a license. It gives you freedom. Freedom to travel wherever you want whenever you on, no longer a slave to your countries public transport systems. They say you only truly learn to drive once you have passed your test, when you’re out there on your own. So don’t worry too much about becoming an expert before hand. That being said there are things you need to learn and know before taking your test.

Practice Outside Of Your Instructor’s Lessons

You probably spend an hour or two a week with your instructor. Whilst these are great and you learn much, it may not be enough. Everyone learns differently, and some people need to constantly refresh it in their mind to be successful. But driving lessons cost money, so if you don’t have the funds for more than two a week it can be a great idea to go out with a friend or family member. Make sure they have the mental constitution to do so, some people will panic as soon as you get out on the road. The extra practice can be the difference between passing and failing, the experience you develop will hold you in good stead and allow you that extra level of confidence come test day. It should be noted however that you shouldn’t go out with anyone else until you feel confident enough, give it three weeks and ask your driving instructor whether he thinks you’re ready.

Keep Reading The Guides

Although they aren’t practical guides they can still be extremely useful in terms of getting you ready. They can shower you with hints and tips which can supplement your practical lessons. If you know about how the test is conducted and what kind of route or in what order you do things then you’ll know what to expect on the day which of course gives you an advantage. There’s lots more test guides here, so take a look and familiarise yourself. You can check with your driving instructor too, as he will likely know certain guides that can help you.

Don’t Forget The Theory Stuff

Perhaps you’ve already passed your driving theory test, which is great. But don’t forget what you’ve learnt and brush up again before your test comes around. Instructors may ask a question about your engine before you start or about tyre pressures. They can also ask random questions which are usually known as show me tell me questions, so you’ll lose marks if you get these wrong putting you on the back foot straight away. They may also ask questions in general conversation along your route and if they think you know nothing about how a car works they may mark you down. It can help you with your confidence which will shine through on test day. Confidence is the first true step to success, if they can see you’re confident then half the battle is won already.

Combat The Nerves

Some people get quite nervous during their driving test, and who could blame them. The situation can be tense, with fear of failure ever present. So try to calm yourself before hand. There are many techniques for mastering your nerves, and doing so can give you a shot of confidence. One of the better techniques is by expecting to fail your first time. It sounds nonsensical, but it can really help. The problem is that people see the test as the be all and end all, but you can take it as many times as you want so it literally doesn’t even matter if you fail. If you bear that in mind it could help you relax.

Be Comfortable

When you’re driving don’t be afraid to change things that can make you more comfortable. If you don’t feel right it can have a negative effect on your performance. The best bet is to make sure your seat is in the exact right position before the test begins. But if during the test you begin to feel hot or cold then change the air conditioning. Just don’t do it as your driving, do it when you stop and are about to start a manoeuvre. Or just wind the window down for a few moments for some fresh air.


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