Hypnotism is one of the most misunderstood therapies to date. For many of us, the mere utterance of the word hypnosis comes with an image of a villainous character swinging a crystal ball to hypnotise a person and use him as a puppet… thanks to the movie-makers!

Hey! Leave the reel world of entertainment and come to the real world. Hypnotism is an alternative medical therapy established by scientific research and studies. The studies have proved that hypnosis can be useful in many areas of life including breaking bad-habits, building good-habits, controlling pain, maintaining positivity towards life etc.

But, there is a myriad of therapies available today then why should we choose consulting a hypnotist for any of our problems?

Hypnotism targets the root of the problem

Most of our problems are rooted in our subconscious mind and we try to treat them on a superficial level. It is similar to trimming-off the visible portion of weeds and expecting them never to grow again. We all know the solution to our most common problems but we are never able to get to the solution. We know if we don’t eat emotionally and keep ourselves active we will not be obese. We know the solution to our procrastination is to get up and start working. We even try with full enthusiasm but fail miserably in doing these simple things. The reason is simple – we ignore the root of the problem lying comfortably in our subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy helps us in getting there and treating the root cause of any problem.

Hypnotism is the most natural way of treating a problem

It is a very common myth around hypnosis that a hypnotist can control a person’s mind. The reality is that a hypnotist works just as a guide who brings the person in a focused state so that the person can exactly see what is troubling him. With all the sets of techniques, a hypnotist brings a person to a relaxed position and guides him not only to see his problem but also to cure it on the subconscious level. This is the most natural way of addressing a problem.

Hypnotism can treat what seems untreatable otherwise

Okay, a hypnotist cannot grow a lost limb but there are a huge number of problems treated by hypnosis that otherwise seem impossible. These are basically behavioural problems such as fear of public speaking, negativity towards life, uncontrollable anger, unexplained anxiety and stress etc. Counselling sessions and motivational speeches can help in these conditions temporarily because these are the external aids. Hypnotist makes the person go to the time of origin of the problem, that generally is the childhood, and tackle it then and there. A hypnotist helps set your mind free of all the subconscious mind-blocks that result in the symptoms of behavioural disorders.

If you are struggling with any bad-habits, fear, anger, addiction, depression or any such problems, educate yourself about the myths of hypnotism and visit a hypnotist to seek professional help.


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