Are you traveling in or out of Sofia? Plan your itinerary to the smallest details for a hassle-free experience. The airport transfer is a small pocket of time in your travel itinerary, but it is a very crucial one. You can spend this amount of time negotiating the tangles of a foreign city or you can use it to catch a breather as you get shuttled to your next flight or hotel. It all depends on what method you choose to get to travel.

Book Airport Transfers

There are several advantages of choosing a designated airport transfer service. All-inclusive pre-booked rides allow you to budget your trip confidently and you can rest assured that you will reach your destination, no matter what time you arrive. The safety aspect of an airport transfer cannot be stressed upon enough.

Airport transfers also take care of another headache. The fear of missing a flight is a very justifiable one. Apart from throwing a spanner into your itinerary, it is a huge loss – of the tickets that you have booked and the extra you need to spend on new ones. And remember, last-minute bookings will be very expensive compared to those discount rates you got by booking in advance. Getting lost may be fun if you are on a sightseeing spree but it is the last thing you need when you have to catch a flight. Hence, a round trip booking is always recommended.

Negotiating Sofia

Sofia is one of the largest cities of Eastern Europe and traveling around on your own can lead to uncertain scenarios, especially to those unfamiliar with local languages and transport routes. With a trusted Sofia airport transfer service you don’t have to be worried about traveling to and from the airport. The Sofia International Airport is 17 kms from the city centre and rides usually do not take more than half an hour unless you are traveling from the outskirts.

Apart from sorting out your airport transfers, it is always good to keep in mind some best practices when traveling by flight so you can stay physically fresh. Some of these include reaching the airport at least a couple of hours before the departure – you can never be too sure if that security check will be smooth or not. Avoid bargain cabs or alternate routes – if you are not a confident Sofia local, stick to the designated airport transfer route.

If you are landing in Sofia then prepare to be mesmerized by the architecture and culture of the city. Some of the landmarks to visit include the Neo-Byzantine Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and maybe you can even hire a car and take a trip to the cooler climes of the Vitosha Mountain for some spectacular scenery.

Easy Online Process

When you book an airport transfer in advance you can also share details that help the provider ensure you a comfortable journey. You can mention the number of passengers and the estimate luggage space you will need for the journey. Round trip options to and from the airport are available in one single booking and you can enjoy rates that are cheaper than booking a local taxi in Bulgaria’s capital.


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