The oldest fabric known to human beings, fur, is one of the most eco-friendly and enduring of all products. Each piece is unique and fur is known for its high durability. A real fur outfit adds luxury and glitz to your plain looks. No winter coat can match the warmth and comfort that you get from a real fur coat. This timeless classic never goes out of style so you don’t have to worry about going around in a fur coat handed down to you by your grandmother.

The extremely soft texture and luxurious look make the chinchilla fur one of a kind. It is at least 30 times softer than the hair of human beings making it the softest fur in the world. Given below are some of the important details you need to know about chinchilla fur coats.

Timeless fashion

Most of us dream of owning a chinchilla coat owing to its luxurious feel and look. The sophistication and glamour that surrounds a person wearing a chinchilla coat are such that you can make a number of heads turn around while wearing it.

A chinchilla coat can be easily identified as the coat usually is found in shades of grey with white and black highlights. Some coats also come in shades of brown. Truly a timeless classic this coat is a symbol of high-end fashion. You can choose one at William H. Harris Furs.

How is the coat made?

Chinchilla is a tiny animal which means their pelts are tiny as well. Around a hundred chinchilla pelts are required to make a fur coat that’s perfect. Chinchilla’s being rare, the difficulty in breeding these animals and the hard work that goes behind making these coats are the main reasons that this outfit is really expensive.

No chance of allergies

Among all the mammals, chinchillas have the highest density of hair and they are free from all kinds of parasites. Hence, it is the most perfect choice for any person with allergies. Coats made from chinchilla furs are also perfect for people with sensitive skin and even for babies.

Warm and comfortable

Coats made of chinchilla fur are one of the warmest of all winter coats protecting a person from extremely cold temperatures. This coat also has one of the softest textures and it is light in weight. This makes it really comfortable to wear.

The price

Chinchilla fur coats are extremely expensive due to the fact that it takes a long while to make a single coat. These animals being rare and tiny in size you require more than a 100 pelts to make a single coat. The process of making the coat is quite tough and requires the hands of skilled fur craftsmen.

No other coat can give you the warmth and comfort that you get from this coat and it is also highly durable. So you can go ahead and pay your hard earned money to buy this coat as it would be worth every single penny that you pay.


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