With so much new technology around us, it’s given regular people an opportunity to start making money. In this piece, I reveal three ways you can make money by using tech:


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Offer Tech Support Services

If there’s one thing technology can guarantee, it’s that some people are going to struggle with it. No matter what tech we’re talking about, there will always be someone that needs help in using it. Bearing that in mind, there’s a great money making opportunity for you here. You can use your tech knowledge to help out those in need. Start up a tech support business, or become a freelancer offering your services to people. They’ll come to you with an issue, and you’ll solve it for a fee. If you’re good with technology, then this is an excellent idea for you. There’s the potential to earn a lot of money because people are always looking for help with technology. Especially older people that might struggle with basic stuff, you can earn big bucks with this idea.


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Develop A Mobile App

One of the hottest ways to make a mini fortune is by creating a mobile app. Anyone that knows anything about mobile application development will tell you it’s a smart way to make cash. You develop an app, publish it on various stores, and watch the people buy it. A simple concept, and it can have huge financial gains for you. There are a couple of ways you can earn money via your mobile app. The first is to charge people a small fee to download it. Every time your app is downloaded, you’ll get some money. It’s important to note that your mobile app must be amazing if you’re charging people for it. Generally speaking, people prefer to get apps for free. Have no fear, a free app can be a money making app too. You can have micro-transactions in your app that allow people to buy extra things to improve it. Similarly, you can put adverts on the app, generating revenue that way.


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Start A YouTube Channel

In the last five years, YouTube has emerged as a huge player in the entertainment game. More people watch YouTube videos than they do TV shows. As such, content creators are now able to make a healthy living by starting a channel on this site. They film, edit, and upload videos to YouTube while earning a decent amount of money. To earn money, you must be a YouTube partner, which grants you permission to run adverts on your videos. The amount of ad revenue you earn will depend on how many views you get. Obviously, more views lead to more money. If you get popular on YouTube, you can start earning a substantial amount of cash. Some people’s full-time jobs are based on making content for this site. A super smart way of taking modern technology, and making money off it.

There are only three ideas here, but each of them is incredible. Trust me when I say that you can make money with any one of these awesome tech related ideas.



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