Travelling can be one of the best experiences in your life, gaining knowledge of different cultures and teaching you independence. The company you travel with make up a huge part of travelling because they can either break or make the trip. Have a look at some of the best types of people to travel with.

  1. The “Anything Goes”

Travelling is all about having new experiences. This type of person will facilitate that. Expect do different things from sky diving, hiking and beer pong tournaments to round off the evening. Every day of your trip should be unforgettable and this type of person helps to embrace every moment of your trip.

  1. The Food Fan

If you have ever travelled with people who care less about what they eat, then you will know the greatness of having a food fan around with you. The food fan is always on a mission to broaden their mind on different foods. One is definitely bound to end up trying different local dishes on the menu because a food fan’s enthusiasm is infectious.

  1. The Obsessive Planner

Travellers often prefer to enjoy the freedom of not knowing what they will be doing the next day. With this in mind, the obsessive planner can be a great addition due to his or her ability to plan your activities for the day. From booking boat getaways to reserving tickets to a crazy party, travelling with an obsessive planner means you need not worry of tomorrow’s activities.

  1. The Photographer

A photographer is a great addition to your trip as they will definitely remember to take the camera out when you are exploring or partying. They will also go beyond the photography efforts of an average traveller, always make sure there is room for a decent camera in their suitcase. While you might get angry as they try to get the best poses out of you, later you will be happy the pictures exist once you get home.

  1. The Culture Vulture

The culture vulture does not just want to get a drink in every continent. They want to use most of their time exploring and discovering new cities and towns. You may get annoyed with a culture vulture after few hours of sleep, as they try to get you hiking miles to a viewpoint, but once you get to the destination you will realize it was totally worth it.

  1. The Linguist

The linguist will always have his guide book in the local language due to his interest in the locals. In every place you will visit, the linguist will pick up important words and phrases. This is one of the best people to travel with especially when get to a restaurant with complicated food orders.

  1. The Small Spender

This person’s motto is travelling can be relatively cheap with the right decisions on spending. The small spender has the ability to seek out the cheapest places to be in and his or her companionship will save you some money.


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