1. Diving With Sharks

This is definitely an astonishing encounter with one of the most amazing underwater animals. Diving into a protected cage surrounded by sharks or taking a swim freely with whale sharks is an exciting adventure that one is not likely to forget. There are a few awesome places which are famous for shark diving and include Beqa Lagoon(Fiji), Tiger Beach(the Bahamas), Neptune Islands(Australia) and Guadalupe Island(Mexico).

  1. Sky diving

This sport will bring you one of the best experiences you can ever have in your lifetime. Sky diving is great in that it provides a feel of a floating sensation which is good for those who do not like the free fall sinking feel.

  1. Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is a common adventure sport which usually takes place in the world’s beautiful landscapes and provides a good shot of adrenaline. There are many spots where you could try this. Examples include Victoria Falls in Zambia and Niouc in Switzerland. This sport can also be taken to the next level by jumping from a moving object like a hot air balloon.

  1. Cavern diving

This adventurous sport will make you explore interesting geological formations and beautiful underwater environments. The Chinhoyi caves of Zimbabwe, the Devil’s Eye in Florida, “The Great Blue Hole” of Belize’s Lighthouse reef and the “Cenotes” at Yucatan are among the best locations for the sport.

  1. Kayaking Down The River Rapids

This is an incredible and exciting sport but it is dangerous too which is why you need a set of skills before you get to it. Rapids and rivers have a difficulty rating which allows for different types of paddling in this sport.

  1. Speed-riding

This sport allows one to launch from a steep slope with skis on and a wing overhead, taking off from the ground for a few seconds because of the strong winds. This sport will offer you the perfect balance between the sky and the snow. In Switzerland, the 13,020 feet Eiger mountain is one of the destinations for this and other adventurous sports.

  1. Para-Gliding

Sitting on free flying, foot-launched aircraft as you glide over amazing landscapes is something not to be missed in this lifetime. Although there are many places which offer this sport, well known sites include Oludeniz in Turkey and Dune Du Pyla in France.

  1. High lining

This can be one interesting sport for those who have tried slack lining. It is a relatively new sport which involves slack lining on high elevation. It is a sport where you want to engage with experienced people who definitely know what they are doing. Most of all, you will need a huge deal of courage coupled with balance, strength and higher concentration.

  1. Kite boarding

You will jump off waves of amazing heights and travel at great speed due to the wind force. Kite boarding has its perfect spots for practice all around the globe since all you need is a good launch area and a big open body.


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