When it comes to flashy architecture and visually stimulating design, casinos are among the most exemplary structures around which exhibit these characteristics. In other words, casinos are known for being eye-catching and “interesting”. Whilst you can sit at home and enjoy online casino gameplay, like with NetBet Casino, visiting a casino has its perks. However, even among such a high-profile genus of establishments like casinos, there are those which stand out and merit attention above all others. This list provides details and insight into some of the world’s most interesting casinos. Let’s get started.

City of Dreams Casino (Macau, China)

If you’re going to be traveling to Macau in China and have a penchant for gambling, the City of Dreams Casino is a must-see. The 420, 000 square foot establishment is a wonderland that’s perfect for adults and encapsulates a cornucopia of entertainment and gambling. The entire structure is essentially a mega-resort and it’s very imposing. Awash in an assortment of lights, sound and activity, the casino is truly a sight to behold and will certainly linger in your memory long after you’ve left. Also, be sure to check out the mermaid at the Vquarium.

Crown Casino (Melbourne, Australia)

Not only is the Crown casino one of the most finely-appointed gambling venues in all of Australia, it also plays host to luxury shopping, fine dining and other entertaining activities. Spas as well as bars and nightclubs are also on tap, making the Crown casino into a high-rolling gamblers paradise. Moreover, upon entering the Crown your jaw will drop at the sheer elegance of the atrium and the various light shows also correspond to the season as well (a very nice touch).

Bellagio (Las Vegas)

When it comes to interesting and iconic casinos, Las Vegas’ “Bellagio” immediately springs to mind. The first thing you see as you draw closer to the property is the enormous lake perched outside which features stunning “dancing fountains” which are choreographed to be in synch with music. As if that weren’t enough, the interior of the establishment is simply divine and every bit as stunning as you can imagine. In short, the Bellagio is certainly one of Vegas’ best attractions, without a doubt.

Monte Carlo (Monaco)

Aside from being steeped in history, the Monte Carlo casino is one of the most iconic institutions of its kind. For those who might be unaware, it is the Monte Carlo that is featured in the James Bond films “Goldeneye” and “Never say never again” (enough said). As for the establishment itself, it’s gorgeous and timeless, an absolutely world-class casino which also features fine dining and hosts some very interesting entertainment events as well.

Atlantis Resort Casino (Bahamas)

When it comes to truly breathtaking, over-the-top casinos, you’d be hard-pressed to find one more suitable than the Atlantis Resort Casino located in the Bahamas. Sure, it has all the appointments, grandiose architecture and attractions one would expect to find in a luxury casino, but it’s also somewhat family-friendly and incorporates a really fun water park and marine habitat which is quite unique.


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