Did you know that some scenes from your favourite movie may have not been on the original script or may have been a mistake all together? Know more about these 18 interesting movie facts.

  1. Ironman’s computer Jarvis is just an acronym that stands for Just A Rather Very Intelligent System.
  2. Tom Hanks was not the original choice to play the voice of Woody in Toy Story. Billy Crystal was the first choice, but he turned down the role because he wasn’t convinced that the toy story was going to be successful.
  3. Darth Vader had only 12 minutes of screen time in the original Starwars movie.
  4. In the Dark Knight scene when the Joker crashes the party, actor Michael Cane who plays Alfred had lines to say but completely forgot to say them because it was the first time that he saw heath ledger in costume.
  5. When playing Princes Lea in Starwars, actress Kerry Fisher never once wore a bra in any of her scenes. This is because GeorgeLucas believe that there would be no bras in space and it would be more realistic
  6. During the filming of the movie fight club, Brad Pitt chipped his tooth but decided not to get it fixed until the movie was done filming because it seemed more authentic for his character
  7. In the movie The Big Lebowsky, the word ‘dude’ was used approximately 161 times.
  8. In the movie Braveheart, reserves from the Irish army were called in as extras for the battle scenes.
  9. Over the entire course of production of Transformers dark of the moon, 532 cars were destroyed.
  10. The first ever animated film nominated for an Oscar was Beauty and The Beast in 1991.
  11. India’s movie industry Bollywood is the largest in the world producing over 800 movies a year. Hollywood only produces about half that.
  12. In the famous shower scene of the movie “Psycho”, the blood you see going down the drain is actually chocolate syrup.
  13. The spider used in the 2002 movie Spiderman wasn’t really a black widow spider. It was steadota spider that was given anesthesia, knocked out, and painted blue and red.
  14. The story of Mulan was told in China for over 1500 years before Disney decided to make It into and animated movie.
  15. The sketch of Rose in the movie Titanic, was drawn by director James Cameron. The hands that you see drawing Rose are Cameron’s and all sketches in Jack’s book were all done by him as well.
  16. Ripley in the movie Alien was originally intended to be male, but it was changed to female; audiences at that time would not have expected a lone survivor to be female.
  17. The horror movie A nightmare on elm street was loosely based on a real life event.
  18. All of the scenes in The Matrix the take place in the ‘matrix’ were tinted green to give the effect that you are watching it in a computer screen.


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