Those big and needy eyes can melt the hardest of hearts. You can drool over their cuteness and can easily forgive that they can drool on you. Yes, dogs are indeed a man’s best friend. They are good companions, sometimes better than their human counterparts. They are one of the cutest creatures ever created and are like toys but only cooler because they bark and have the capacity to just melt your heart.   Their presence makes life sweeter. Each day will be a day to look forward to with these four legged humans as some would call them. Dogs are affectionate, sweet and cuddly, they will guide you, and they will guard you with all their hearts and souls. Indeed, no animal can do it better. But sometimes your best friend can be your worst enemy. What if they turn their backs on you and just stab (or bite) you behind your back?

No one wants to talk about bad dogs because it’s like bad mouthing your friend, but in reality, there are dogs that can attack, even their owners. Some breeds have more tendencies to be aggressive than the rest. Take pit bull for example.   Their genetic makeup can give us a hint that they are not born to be cute and fluffy pets you can play dress up with. Pet owners who used these dogs in illegal ‘bullfights’ did not help either. There are also cute dogs that are as dangerous as the pitbulls:

  • Dogo Argentino– these dogs look like long lost cousins of the ever friendly and dependable Labrador Retriever but wait, there is more to what meets the eye. Although they are not aggressive to humans, they can be destructive when not active or bored so this dog needs a lot of exercise. Aggression can also happen when they are not properly socialized early on.
  • Chow Chow– No way! How can something that look so meek and gentle be on the list? Looks can be deceiving. Chow Chow are irritable dogs and if you approach them the wrong way, their scissors’-like teeth can cause a lot of damage. They are not good around strangers and children. They usually wants to be dominant which can cause a lot of problems if the pet owners are leaning towards meek and gentle.
  • Saint Bernard– made even more adorable in the movie Beethoven; the Saint Bernard is a great family pet when trained properly. It should be socialized early because this gentle giant can be a beast not for any other reason but their size. Even if they do not mean to be mean, their size alone can cause a lot of pain. Ill-mannered Saint Bernards can just jump on total strangers and while the intention is pure, it can break a few bones or cause a few bruises.

Like in friendship, it is important to choose your dogs carefully. It is important to research before taking in a new canine member. Do not just choose because of looks and overall cuteness, check their temperament and if their personality would fit your lifestyle. Do that, and who knows these breeds may just be for you after all.


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