People often give gift baskets as a token of appreciation, to celebrate or for birthdays and holidays. Tailored to fit any idea or theme, gift baskets are popular anywhere. Whether they made of candy or flowers, they’re perfect for nearly every occasion. Below are five gift basket ideas that you can use for your own gift giving.

  1. No-Stress Gift Basket. Fill this unique gift basket with items that will help the receiver eliminate stress and relax. Use items such as packets of tea, chocolate, gel eye mask, relaxation music and candles in this gift basket. If you would like to give them the opportunity to visit a masseuse or spa, have them receive gift cards online for redemption and to reserve a spot.
  2. Bookworm Gift Basket. This basket speaks for itself. Filling up a basket with the newly released paperbacks is a great way to start. You can also add pens, post-it notes, a bookmark, and tea. With technology today, an eBook reader is a nice addition. Moreover, you can find the best coupons online to get free eBooks and e-zine subscriptions.
  3. Morning Gift Basket. Give someone a great morning with a basket that contains everything to serve breakfast. For instance, this type of basket can consist of eggs, waffle syrup, pancake mixes, a ladle, and coffee. Opt for gourmet tea or coffee, the right selection to fit the theme of the basket. Search online for coupons and deals to get the gourmet items at a better price.
  4. Arts and Crafts Gift Basket. Give a craft gift basket as the perfect choice for the hobbyist or artist. If the craft is knitting, fill this basket with knitting needles, yarn, printed patterns, and ribbons. If the craft is painting, use paintbrushes, bottles of acrylic paint, a palette, small canvases, and a sketchbook. These are just a few theme ideas to make an arts and crafts basket different.
  5. Fine Tastes Gift Basket. If the person receiving this basket enjoys fine foods, you may want to decorate the basket accordingly. For example, using a bottle of fine wine with a ribbon tied around the neck is a great way to start. Fill the rest of the basket with select cheeses, exquisite chocolates, scented candles, and maybe a gift card to a fancy restaurant.

Build your gift baskets in any way you need. You don’t always have to use a basket for the occasion either. Using a decorative pot or pail is perfect for holding the gift items. Remember to use the chosen theme to create an amazing gift basket.


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