Vacation is supposed to be a time to relax, unwind and have fun. If you are a parent traveling with young kids, vacation can be a cause of stress and distress. One might even consider trading off a first class ticket to a dream destination to a root canal procedure if the option is to travel with these little tykes. Sure you love them and they are so cute and adorable, but going from point A to point B can be a task for a drill sergeant, not for a mom or dad. So what are the things we need to consider so that traveling with your little darlings will be more enjoyable for you and most especially for them:

  1. Think ahead. The success of an enjoyable trip can be achieved with a good plan. You should know your kids better than anyone in the world. You know what makes them happy and what makes them turn from adorable angels to little monsters. Take that into consideration when choosing your travel destination and how to get there. Know everything about the place and the means of getting there. Remember this is will be a new place for them and kids like routines. So this is also daunting for them as it is for you.
  2. Ignore the Stares. When traveling with kids especially on a plane, some people will stare when kids become noisy or unruly. Let them stare. Ignore them. Sometimes, we are too pressured to give in and please people we don’t even know. You know you are good parents so you do not need to prove it to an entire plane. Let it slide. The happiness of your kids is the most important thing so let rude people be rude.
  3. Prepare your arsenal. The root of the unruly behavior can be boredom. Kids will be kids. They would want to play whether they are in a boat, a plane or car. No one wants to be stuck in a long trip doing nothing. Keep them busy. Bring toys they like. Toys that will keep them busy and toys that will keep them from asking “Are we there yet?” Crayons, coloring books, etc will come in handy as well.
  4. Cover all bases. If your kids have medical conditions, do not forget their prescription medicines. It might be hard to get a hold of the medicine out of town. Prepare a first aid kit as well. Stock up on food. Sometimes, kids would not want to try new food so bring their favorite cereal or at least make sure that it is available in where you are going.
  5. Always remember the reason why you are taking the trip. You are taking a vacation. You are spending time as a family. Do not let anything or anyone get in the way of you doing that. We tend to lose sight of the purpose. Getting to the destination means more time to bond with your kids. Listen to their stories. Share your own childhood memories with them. Now is your time to cuddle and just simply enjoy seeing those sweet faces without chores getting in the way.
  6. When all else fail, take a deep breath.


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