Everyone definitely wants success. You might have applied some of the basic elements for success but still you feel you’ve not attained the level of success that you anticipate. Here is a simple success recipe that will help.

  1. Stay true to yourself. The key to success is to work hard with passion. You will definitely find your way if you spend at least an hour to relax and listen to your heart. One important thing to take note is that money CANNOT be equaled to success. You should not bother to take a job which pays you lots of money but it’s not what you are desperate to do.
  2. Less means more. Spent the morning session deciding on what to eat for lunch? You have ended up losing 4 working hours. Unnecessary decisions and complications always drive away your mind and complicate life. Eventually, one loses focus on work. A simple life is always good as it allows you more time.
  3. Create opportunities without waiting for chances. It is best that you leave your comfort zone. As an example, if you don’t have funds for your business start-up, go out and seek potential investors. Even if you are looking for a job at certain multinational companies which don’t have job openings, it is best you contact as early as now. Doing so may be a bit risky but you will definitely thanks yourself for making the bold move.
  4. Creativity is brought by relaxation. When running out of ideas, it is advisable to take some time off and find some space to relax your mind
  1. Let go of failure and have fun with it. Life is ever hard, and so is your career. In attaining success, failure is part of growth. You should enjoy the hard times and learn from your mistakes. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and that’s the jot of success.
  2. Never get victory complacent. Congratulations on your achievements. However, this is just a milestone in way to attain success. Don’t let victory get in front of your visions but instead be focused and have a look at your future plans. Always remember to stay true to the journey origin which is why from the beginning you wanted to be successful.
  3. Sleep is the key to success. Without loving yourself, it is nearly impossible to become successful. Staying up all night at the price of making sacrifices which are not worth and     engaging in activities that harm your health should be avoided at all costs, unless you have an important project that need to be completed. Successful people have efficient sleeping routines which ensure they are well rested to give them a sharp focus during the day. So you should ensure you sleep well and you are well rested at all times.

You probably feel surprised with these simple ingredients to success. Definitely, there are no complications, but it is not as easy to commit yourself. It takes some time and hard work but with patience and forward momentum, you will succeed.


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