If you’re the kind of person who wants a car that can do it all, here are five top vehicles to consider.

Mercedes-Benz GLA250

This luxury crossover is one of the finest cars that Mercedes-Benz have made for a long time. It has a 2.1-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder. This helps the car stay both powerful on the road as well as fuel efficient. You can add plenty of great extras to the car if you can afford to pay for them as well. For example, you could take advantage of a rear-view mirror and upgrade the infotainment system to keep the kids entertained. This makes it a great car for the kids. But it can do plenty else too.

Land Rover Freelander

For people who simply want a car that will be able to drive well on the road and also handle off-road terrains. The Freelander is a car that does exactly that. There is no car that is better for large families and off-roading at the same time. Most cars can do one of these things, but not both. What is most surprising about this car is the smooth riding experience you get from the car. Visit www.hunterslandrover.co.uk if you want to buy one. It’s sensible to compare the new and used prices.

Jeep Patriot

The size of the Jeep Patriot, combined with the four-wheel drive capability, makes it perfect for people who like to drive off-road. But that doesn’t mean that the car is not also great on the road. Many four-wheel drive cars are great off-road, but they are terrible at taking on long journeys on the road. That is not the problem you will have when you drive a Jeep Patriot. It also has electronic roll mitigation and stability control that makes the car safe wherever it’s being driven.


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Nissan Versa

For a car that looks pretty small and compact from the outside, the Nissan Versa actually offers you plenty of space inside. When you get inside, you will be shocked by how much legroom you get in the back. And the boot is a lot bigger than you’d expect from most modern hatchbacks. This makes the car a lot more versatile than your average city car, so make sure you consider it. Not many people realise how much the car can actually do. It also has one of the highest horsepower ratings of any car of its size and style.

Fiat 500X

The Fiat 500 was a small and compact car, but Fiat managed to adapt it into the 500X. This car is a crossover that has the size and power of a car much larger. But it still manage to stay true to the original details and stylings of the Fiat 500. It’s one of those cars that gives you the best of both worlds. And there are not too many cars that you can say that about. It’s a great all-round car that lets you do whatever you want with it. And the prices of these cars are pretty impressive as well.



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