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You might be in need of money, requiring quick access to finance, however, lifestyle changes can be an effective way to ensuing you have more money come the end of the month and once such method would be for drivers; Fuel Efficiency.

The fuel efficiency of your car has a seriously big impact on your personal finances as a driver. At one time, when fuel prices were much lower, very few people even bothered manipulating their fuel efficiency. These days, however, every penny counts. If you’re looking to save money and keep the car you have, then the fuel efficiency could be a great thing to start with. Here’s how you can give your car better fuel efficiency.

We’ll start off with the easiest tip. Use older petrol pumps and refuel your car at the right time of the day. Many modern pumps now have a compensating mechanism which keeps fuel at a consistent density. However, if you go to an old pump at the coolest time of the day, you’ll actually get more from the pump. Instead of refilling in the evening on your way back from work, do it as early as possible. Another way you can scrimp on fuel costs is by simply switching from premium petrol. Whether the cheaper stuff will give you as many miles or not takes some experimenting to figure out. Still, it’s worth trying to see if you start saving money.

Next, make sure to check your tyre pressure regularly. When your tyres are underinflated, your fuel efficiency will plummet. This is due to the extra need for energy to push down on the road. Many people don’t check their tyres until they notice an issue, and end up wasting a lot of money in the process. One thing you could do is buy your own dial-type pressure gauge, and set some kind of weekly reminder to check your pressure. Don’t underestimate the impact of tyre pressure, either. Even if your pressure is a couple PSI low, you could be burning far more fuel than what’s necessary. It may be worth buying new tyres altogether, as some hold air better than others. 

Finally, check your air filter and replace it if necessary. If you’ve noticed your engine making wheezing sounds as you drive, this could be long overdue. As you drive, your air filter will inevitably get clogged with bits of debris. This means that the engine will have to work harder at bringing in the air necessary to burn fuel. If the air passage is restricted, then your engine will simply burn more fuel! For most cars, the air filter can be replaced annually. However, if you live in a particularly dusty or muddy area, this should probably be done twice a year. If you replace your air filter regularly, it will pay for itself a few times!

There you have three of the easiest methods for increasing your fuel efficiency and saving money. Cutting the amount of fuel your car guzzles isn’t the only way you can save money as a motorist, but you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes! You may be thinking of going for a smaller engine, but there are all kinds of alternatives. Driving could be much cheaper than you think.



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