We all want to be healthier and lose some weight, but we don’t bother because it often seems like a lot of effort. Not only that, it can feel like it’s going to be another burden on our bank account. Particularly if you think about either, taking medication or having a procedure. But just how much will getting healthier cost you? We look at some of the options.

More Exercising

If you’re looking to lose weight, this is the option that most people should try. For many, it is just a case of dropping a couple dress sizes, and that can be done quite easily with a good exercise routine. If you’re wondering about the cost of exercise, it will depend on what type you are doing. If you want to join a gym, it’s probably going to cost around sixty a month. But, don’t rule it out due to the price because there are a lot of advantages to joining a gym. For one, you will be part of a community that will help you continue to keep fit even when you feel like giving up. You will also be able to access state of the art equipment. Or, if you take up running you’re just looking at buying a good pair of sneakers. They’ll cost you around one hundred to a hundred and fifty for a proper pair. If you want to set up a home gym, expect to spend roughly five hundred for the full setup.




Not everyone is going to be able to fix their problem through exercise. If you are medically obese, you are going to have difficulty losing weight through natural methods. It won’t be impossible, but you will certainly be facing an uphill battle. That’s why you might turn to the option of surgery like a gastric sleeve procedure. Now surgery is going to be expensive but you have to look at the benefits. The gastric sleeve cost is quite high but this is the most successful form of losing weight with a huge success rate. On average you could be looking at around two to five grand. However, if your condition is serious, you might be able to get the treatment for free.

Diet Pills

People often see this as a fast and easy solution, but it is going to cost you roughly the same as a gym membership. The difference is that unless you are getting the pills from a medical professional, they have a low success rate. If you read the reviews online, you will find some people have excellent results while others see no change whatsoever. This is typically because these pills work on a placebo effect. Those who see positive results believe the pills are going to work. They then alter their lifestyle subconsciously to prove their belief correct.


You might have to fork out a little cash for a cookbook, a smoothie maker and a calorie counter. Then, you will need to think about the additional cost of healthy food. You might think dieting is free but if you are looking to buy organic produce, it is going to add a little to your shopping bill each month.

The one thing to take away from this is that losing weight will not cost an obscene amount of money. If you want to get healthy, you can afford it.



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