One of the best possible ways to discover the most suitable fragrance for you is to test your olfactory senses. You should know that scents or perfumes and personality go hand-in-hand, and while some scents are completely masculine, others are 100% feminine, there are however some that are completely unisex and universally attractive. There are countless different types of scents, they can be outdoorsy, spicy, floral, and homey, and your personality can be identified with any of these scents.

Floral Scent – Personality

Floral scent is like bottled flower bouquets and it is the perfect match for your personality if you often find yourself the center of attraction. The floral scent matches your personality if you are vivacious, flirtatious, and playful.  The floral will match your personality if you are sweet and confident at the same time. Your little secret is that you remain hopelessly romantic, hence you need to spritz yourself with one of these fabulous flowery fragrances.

The Fresh Scent Notes – Personality

If your scent personality is fresh, then your best matches can be citrus, water or green. The lady with a fresh scent personality is the one who makes the act of smelling cool effortless. As a fresh scent personality, you are naturally laid-back and low key and she is an average or moderate fun-loving lady. Fruity and fresh scents are now evolving into subtle scents such as woody and spicy notes. The green fragrances can be sporty and crispy in nature, and they also include marine plants and tea leaf extracts.

The Oriental Scent Notes – Personality

Not any kind of person is bold enough to wear the oriental perfumes, hence this personality is quite rare and exquisite. Oriental perfumes are simply rich and exotic in nature.  It is quite easy to spot an oriental personality, she is bold, sophisticated and always in control. An oriental scent person is quite mysterious in nature and he doesn’t allow people to get to know her quickly. Oriental scents provide warmth, opulence, and sensual feelings. Oriental perfumes and cents come from ancient spics such as nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove. If you are a bit dangerous with some hidden dare-devil personality, then the oriental scent is definitely your match.

The Woody Scent – Personality

The woody scent is earthy and sensual and it I the type of scent for the “goddess”. If you are a free-spirited and self-assured type of person, then you definitely know what you want and you always get them, then the woody scent is definitely your personality. The Oak moss and Chypre fragrances are two of the best woody scents for individuals with this personality.

You can create wonderful floral scents by getting one of the Wiff Candles collections. If your personality matches floral scent, you can consider getting a wide range of fruity candles such as Vanilla, ripe berries, juicy apricots, plums, and sweet lychee. Wiff also has a number of candle collections for the fresh scent personalities, these include the woody and spicy smelling candles. Oriental candles such as spicy cinnamon and clove can also be found readily here.


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