Over the last decade or two, the motoring trade has seen a huge shift towards the used car market. Make no mistake, the new vehicle arena is still king. Nevertheless, the previously owned marketplace has a growing influence.

It wasn’t that long ago that buying a used car was seen a little like a last resort. Nowadays, though, it’s a thriving environment that is used by millions. In many cases, it is the ultimate way to get value for money in the automobile market. First and foremost, it allows you to get a far better car with your budget.


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Of course, there are various things to be wary about. This is why using an experienced dealership is vital. After all, a private seller could be selling you faulty motor and get away with it. This isn’t often the case, but it is worth noting. Meanwhile, if you buy from a friend or relative, future problems could come back to cause major harm to your relationship.

Used cars won’t only offer better value for money now, though. The fact is that new cars will lose thousands as soon as you leave the forecourt. A used car will depreciate at a far slower rate, meaning that you will lose far less money in the long run. Essentially, if you are going to start buying new cars, then you must prepare yourself for big financial hits. That’s not a problem for every driver. But it is something that many will want to take note of.

Arguably the main reason for the increased popularity is the volume of great cars on the market. Moreover, using this option allows you to see models from various manufacturers all in one place. Thames Motor Group represent a host of different manufacturers. Those experts can give unbiased opinions to ensure that the buyer gets the best car for their specific requirements.

The payment options from the bigger dealerships have grown too. In fact, the options are often just as great as they are in the field of new vehicles. Likewise, it’s possible to get some great part-ex rates too.

A modern used car can be upgraded with modern tech and gadgets too. Not having the add-ons at purchase is no longer a major issue, which is another plus point. Even if it was, the volume of motors on the market means that most models come in a variety of colours and specifications.


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Essentially, in a world dominated by money, many feel that the used car market offers far better value for money. Besides, many drivers love a project. Restoring the car back to its former glory with a few simple tips, like cleaning out the air vents, is very rewarding. Even if you aren’t focused on those goals, it offers the chance to get behind the wheel of a car that would otherwise be unattainable.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the market is so popular. Furthermore, it only looks likely to increase over the coming years.



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