Since times immemorial, the human race has been fascinated with the arts of divination. They have been using various divination tools to know more about their future and answer major life questions. Staunch believers have faith in these methods and consider them to be fully trustworthy for predicting the future. Two of the most popular divination tools are tarot cards and astrological readings. While the basic purpose of both is the same, these differ from each other in more than one way. Let us clarify the key differences between tarot and astrology.

Basis of interpretation

The main difference between these divination methods is the basis used for reading the future and answering the questions of the client. Tarot relies on a specialized deck of cards to give readings and answer questions. Each card has a specific meaning which the tarot card reader interprets for the client. Astrology is the study of planets and their influence on the birth chart of the native. A birth chart is drawn on the basis of date and time of birth and interpretations are made on the basis of planetary transits through this chart.

Method of interpretation

The second difference between tarot and astrology is based on the method used to interpret and predict the future. While tarot is based more on the intuition of the reader, astrology is more about the calculations related to the positions of the planets in the astrological chart. This beginners guide to tarot cards gives a fair idea about some important cards and their meanings. You can read it to understand them better. But it is not as easy to understand astrological calculations because these are to be done with great accuracy and experience, which only an expert astrologer can explain to you.

Kind of interpretation

Tarot readings are used to provide an insight into an immediate situation so that the client can get guidance while making some major life decisions. With astrology, it is different as this method offers a comprehensive interpretation of the client’s personality, patterns and phases of life by looking at the planetary positions at specific points in time. Overall, the latter delivers a bigger picture of a person’s life.

Period of origin

The period of origin of these divination methods differs too. Astrology is an ancient science that was practiced thousands of years by the historic civilizations of the world. The wisdom has been passed over to generations to be practiced as it is in the current times. Compared to astrology, tarot has a more recent history. The method dates back to a few hundred years but this does not make it any less reliable.

Seeing these differences, it can be said that tarot and astrology are two completely diverse concepts. However, both are meant to guide people for taking better decisions with powerful insights and key answers to the questions they come across. The best approach is to find an expert who can help you get the best from a reading, whichever you choose to take.


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