The Italian city of Milan is a very well-known financial hotspot of Europe. It is also considered to be strong in areas like art, fashion, and entertainment. And if you are considering a vacation to Italy, it will definitely be incomplete without a visit to this fabulous city. Below, we will look at five things you need to keep in mind when travelling to Milan.

  1. Religious Attractions

Even though Milan boasts of numerous religious attractions, you will only be able to visit them at specific time periods. Visiting during lunch break is strictly prohibited. And if the place is in service, you will definitely be barred from visiting. So, be sure to check up on the ideal visiting time in case you plan to go to the religious attractions. Else, you might end up wasting time arriving at the place at a period when tourist are not allowed inside.

  1. Siesta

In Milan, people have a habit called ‘siesta’. During this period, which is usually between 14:00 and 16:00 hours, almost all institutions will stop functioning. And this includes establishments like banks, restaurants, and so on.  The period is considered as the time for rest. Even an act of making a phone call to the place at such a time is considered inappropriate behavior. So, don’t be alarmed if you see a restaurant or bank shut in the afternoon. The people might just be napping. Why disturb their peaceful sleep? Have some patience and wait for a couple of hours, and they should be back in business as usual.

  1. Tipping

In Milan, tipping is considered good manners. And as a visitor, it is recommended that you follow the local customs. If you are at a restaurant, then consider tipping the waiter 10% of the total bill since this is considered as normal. When traveling in a taxi, you don’t need to make special tips. Just round up the amount to the nearest convenient figure and that should be good enough.

  1. Traveling The City

For traveling through the city, a taxi is the best option. However, you will find it very hard to hire one right from the roadside. The only way to get a taxi for sure will be by visiting a transportation stop and hiring one from there. And when you reach the Milan airport for the first time, there will be many taxis offering all-inclusive rates for door-to-door transfers from the Milan airport to city.

  1. Language

Despite being a global city, very few Milanese can actually speak fluent English. In fact, even at the airport, you will rarely come across any staff who is capable of speaking in English admirably. As such, when you land at the airport, don’t assume blindly that you can get through the place by speaking English. You probably cannot. So, be sure to brush up on your Italian and learn a few words that can help you make the stay in the city a hassle-free experience.


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