If there’s one part of your body that needs to be kept in good shape, it’s your back! Your spine is the foundation of your skeleton, and it plays a part in literally everything you do, even if you don’t realise. It’s one of those things that you only appreciate when something goes wrong with it.

Unfortunately though, back pain is a common and regular occurrence for a lot of people. If you do discover a problem, it’s vital to get it fixed as quickly as possible to limit the damage. And then, once the problem is fixed, you need to look after it to make sure the problem doesn’t return. Here’s how you can do that!

Get Healthier

Getting healthier may seem like a vague tip, but the truth is there are lots of different ways in which we damage our health. And every one of those bad habits takes its toll on your back.

To have a healthy back, you need to have your blood flowing to it without any problems. Being a smoker can seriously restrict the blood’s ability to flow around the body, and this will result in back pain, among other problems. The same problems can be caused by being overweight as all that excess fat puts pressure on your spine.

Embrace New Equipment

We all need a little extra help with maintaining the condition of our back. If you do a lot of weightlifting, consider using straps and supports when you work out, so your back and arm muscles aren’t damaged.

Another useful piece of equipment is the inversion table; you can learn more here www.inversionhelps.com. By suspending the body from the lower back, you decompress the joints in your back.

Do a Broad Range of Exercises

Stretching properly is where you need to start when you take up a new exercise regime. If you don’t stretch properly, you’re going to cause more problems for your back as opposed to making it healthier.

Aerobic exercise is the best kind of exercise to undertake once your stretching is complete. But, as I already mentioned, any kind of exercise which helps you lose weight will benefit your back, in the long run.

Change Your Mattress

The way in which you sleep can dramatically affect the health of your back. First of all, make sure you’re sleeping on your side rather than your front or back. This is much healthier position for your spine.

The next thing you should do is invest in a new, high-quality mattress. I know it’s easy to not think about your mattress and stick with the same one for years and years. But a good memory foam mattress will give you much better support than your old one.

See a Chiropractor

Chiropractors are not just there for when something terrible happens to your back. They can regularly check your back and make sure you’re looking after it correctly too.

Sometimes a small tweak here and there can save you back problems later down the line. And this is what a chiropractor can offer you!


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