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If you are thinking about starting to blog as a business, the easiest way to begin it to set up a news site. You would be surprised how quickly you can turn this into a profitable working business. That’s pretty much what our site is. It’s a blog that offers people contemporary information on plenty of different topics. If you want to know how we got started and made our site profitable, read on.

Start A Profile

The first thing that you need to do is set up a profile online. If you are going to start a news site, you need those profiles to be offering information in your specialist news area. If you want to start an entertainment news site, you should have been Tweeting about the peculiar occurrences that happened at the VMAs. Or, for comic book news, you might be sharing your reaction to the shakeup at Disney and Marvel Studios. A good way to gain some credit as a news source is to gain some exclusives. This can seem hard to do, but it is just a question of attending events and speaking to people. For instance, a man on Twitter recently spoke to Ezra Miller on the set of Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. He was able to get the first scoop of how the Flash will appear in the DC cinematic universe. You get the idea. Talk to people, make the connections and you will find yourself with a name people recognize.

Get The Sources

Remember, it is perfectly acceptable to use other stories to generate your own. As long as you aren’t plagiarizing their work and give them credit for their story, it’s fine. You can even use other sources to expand a story that you are writing. For instance, you might be writing a story about human trafficking. To give you some extra knowledge you might have found an online source that has a post about it. If you find the information interesting, you can use it in your article and link it back to the source. This will expand your SEO as well as your profile. Just always remember to reference where you got the scoop from.

Set Up Your Site

You can use a free website builder to set up your news site, or you can pay for it, the choice is yours. But remember, if you pay to host your site you are immediately increasing your likelihood of being found online. It might be best to invest a little cash into your site from the word go. Your site has to be attractive and stylish as well as clear and easy to use. When you are just starting out, try guest posting on other news sites. This is another way to build up your profile, and you can link your guest stories back to your site if they are relevant to what you post. Keep your site updated and integrated with social media like your Twitter feed and contact details.  

Once you have done this, you will have your own news site. As you get more traffic, it will become profitable, and you will have a successful online business, writing the news.



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