Everyone will face a lot of big moments during their life. Your first day at school, graduating from college, buying your first car. It’s the third of these things that I’m going to focus on today. In this piece, I’ll provide you with a guide to buying your first car, with no fuss:

How Much Can You Afford?

First-time car buyers need to understand that cars are expensive. For a lot of you, this will probably be the biggest purchase of your life to date. So, you have to take extra care and figure out how much you can afford. Decide on a budget and set yourself a maximum spending price. No matter what happens, you will not spend more than your maximum spending price! Doing this will ensure you only pay what you can afford, so won’t end up in debt.


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Where To Buy?

After you’ve decided on a budget, it’s time to think about where you should buy your car. There are tonnes of car dealerships around; I’m sure you’ll find a few close to where you live. If you don’t like going to a dealership, then don’t worry. This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to buy a car! You can find lots of online dealerships, like Sandles Car Supermarket, where you can purchase a car. The benefit of buying online is that you have a greater selection of cars to choose from. More variety means it’s easier to find your dream car.

3(Link to photo: https://goo.gl/mLoDyK)

New Or Used?

One of the biggest car debates of all time is whether or not you should buy new or used. Some people swear by buying new cars and say it’s the better option. Getting a brand new car means you’ll have a modern vehicle with lots of features that some older cars don’t have. It’s a fact that these days, new cars are far safer than old ones. However, a lot of people say that buying used is the way forward. Used cars are much cheaper and can save you loads of cash. Plus, not all of them are super old. For example, it’s possible to buy a used car that came out earlier in the year.

Are There Different Finance Options?

Yes, when you buy a car you will be greeted with a few finance options. The first is the obvious one; you can outright buy the car. You get the cash and pay the full price upfront. Another option is called hire purchase and is a way of leasing a car. You pay a fee and get the car for a certain amount of years, and then give it back. A decent option for first-time buyers. Of course, no matter what finance option you choose, ensure that it fits in with the budget you set earlier on.

The process of buying a car can seem confusing and daunting. Especially if it’s your first time doing so. That’s why I made this guide, to try and help out any car buyers out there. Hopefully, I’ve taken some of the stress away and made buying your first car a lot more enjoyable!


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